Cyberfield is a brand that specializes in high-end computers and components. The brand's mission is to help people reach their full potential and design the future by providing them with the tools they need to make their ideas a reality.



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Creative professionals often face challenges such as insufficient computing power, compatibility issues with software and hardware, slow processing and rendering times, limited storage capacity, inefficient workflows, concerns about the quality and performance of their work, the need for future-proofing their technology investments, and difficulty sourcing high-end components. Cyberfield provides solutions to these challenges.


Cyberfield offers tailored technology solutions to empower creative professionals, including high-performance computing, seamless compatibility, faster processing, ample storage, workflow optimization, top-tier reliability, upgradeable options, and easy access to high-end components.

Competitive Research

During this research, I thoroughly analyzed each competitor, assessing their core features, functionalities, and strategies. By delving deeply into their offerings, I acquired valuable insights into their distinctiveness and customer-focused approaches. This knowledge enables me to emphasize the unique benefits and exceptional value that my own solution offers.
My direct competitors included:



Dominator: Specializes in gaming computers, screens, and accessories. USP: Competitive pricing, appealing to budget-conscious gamers. Offers a wide range of gaming-related products.

King Games: Targets diverse audiences with varying budgets. USP: Pocket-friendly prices, suitable for all classes. Provides a variety of gaming products and services.

Speed Computers: Offers integrated computer solutions, including sales, repairs, and peripherals. USP: Specializes in unique computers, particularly for crypto mining. Focuses on providing comprehensive technology solutions.

User Research

1. Do you have communication problems with the customers?

2. What is the most annoying thing at work?

3. What was the best thing about the job?

4. What difficulties did you face?

5. Apart from the computers themselves, what equipment was the most sold?

6. With your experience, what is the best way to communicate to your customers?

Communication Challenges: There were significant communication problems with customers, stemming from various factors.
Budget Surprise: Some customers were unprepared for the costs, even for basic computers priced at NIS 1500+.
Unclear Needs: Many customers didn't know what they needed, making it challenging to recommend suitable products.
Unnecessary Spending: Some customers were willing to spend on unnecessary components, believing it would improve performance.
Lack of Computer Knowledge: Some customers had limited computer knowledge, making it difficult to explain technical details.
Gaming Misconceptions: Gamers often had misconceptions about FPS and monitor refresh rates, complicating discussions.
Desire for Convenience: Many customers wanted everything done for them, showing little interest in learning about computers.
Satisfaction in Helping: The most rewarding experiences came when customers trusted and understood the advice, and when technicians could genuinely help.
Overall, the research underscores that the communication between the buyer and the seller is very problematic.
Information Architecture
At first, I created a basic structure for the information. As I continued working on it, I kept adding more details and improvements until I had a polished and well-organized design. It was very important to make it clear, and well thought, this way it make my work easier and faster.
Info tree
These personas aren't just made-up characters; they stand for real people's thoughts and dreams. By knowing their stories, what they need, and what they want to achieve, I make sure that every part of the dropshipping process I create is designed to make it better for them.
Customer Empathy Map
Customer Empathy Map
Worker Empathy Map
Worker Empathy Map
Customer User Journey
Customer User Journey
Worker User Journey
Worker User Journey
Build Your Own
UI Design
PC Builder
Here, you can effortlessly customize your computer. Explore a range of component sliders, from basic to top-tier, and watch as the compatible parts seamlessly align below as you make your selection.

When you pick a component, a detailed image and essential information will be displayed, accompanied by a straightforward explanation of its function.

To top it off, I've included visual videos showcasing each component's appearance, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your choices.
PC Builder
Store's Hero
An image showcasing a special offer will be displayed along with a compelling proposition to boost sales for that specific item.
Store's Hero
Hot Products
Best sellers will appear here, and a 3 keywords of what the computer is best for.
Hot Product
PC Builder CTA
Introduction to the Pc builder tool, you can make a new one or choose from presets that was made by other users.
PC Builder CTA
Why Cyberfield
Short copy of why you should choose Cyberfield.
Why Cyberfield
Brand Strategy
To provide high-end computers and components that enable customers to reach their full creative potential.
Cyberfield is positioned in the high-end computer industry.
Empowering creativity through technology.
To provide the highest quality and most advanced technology products.
To be the leading provider of cutting-edge technology solutions that empower customers to create and innovate without limits.
Experience true technology.
Brand Personality
Cyberfield’s brand personality is bold, innovative, and cutting-edge.

It is driven by the desire to push boundaries, explore new possibilities, and empower its customers to reach their full potential.

With a focus on creativity, imagination, and technology, Cyberfield is a brand that inspires and enables its customers to design the future.
Cyberfield's Logo
Logo Typeface
Cyberfields typeface
Global Typeface
Slogan Typeface
Design & Mockups
Cyberfield's PosterCyberfield's PosterCyberfield's PosterHeadphone mockupTruck mockupStationary mockupContainer mockupBag mockupBag mockupshirts mockupcomputer mockuptruck mockup
My Takeaways
What an incredible journey this project has taken me on! It's been a remarkable voyage filled with invaluable insights.

I've come to understand that no amount of research can truly replace a genuine, face-to-face conversation. It's in those moments that you can empathize, witness their work environment, and gain the deepest understanding.

I've also realized that there's always room for improvement, no matter how skilled or knowledgeable one may be.

The significance of effective branding has become abundantly clear to me — it has the power to elevate you above all your competitors.

This experience has been an immense learning experience, and I'm grateful for your time in sharing it with me!
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