Dropal is an all-in-one platform designed to empower and support dropshippers in their e-commerce journey. It addresses the challenges faced by dropshippers by offering a comprehensive set of tools and resources to streamline the entire dropshipping process.



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Setting up a drop-shipping website is a multifaceted challenge. It involves tasks like identifying profitable products, analyzing market saturation, and assessing potential. Creating a professional website, sourcing reliable suppliers, and managing competitors are vital. Customer support, multiple store management, effective advertising, platform selection, and SEO add to the complexity.


A comprehensive drop-ship platform will bring together everything you need to start a drop-ship business and manage it in one place. And with AI that will help the user all the way

Competitive Research

Throughout this research, I took a look at each competitor, examining their key features, functionalities, and approaches. By digging deep into their offerings, I gained valuable insights into what makes them unique and how they cater to their customers.

This knowledge allows me to highlight the distinct advantages and exceptional value that my own solution brings to the table.
My direct competitors included:



Unique All-in-One Solution: Dropal stands out by providing a centralized hub for managing multiple stores, a feature not offered by competitors like Dropship.io, Adsera.com, and Autods.com.

Influencer Integration: Dropal's direct influencer-user connection sets it apart, allowing users to collaborate with influencers seamlessly for marketing, unlike other platforms.

Customer Service Focus: Dropal's customer service support distinguishes it, a feature absent in competitors' offerings, which can enhance user satisfaction and business success.

Inventory and Fulfillment: Dropal's emphasis on inventory control and fulfillment streamlining addresses a gap in the market left by competitors without such tools.

Holistic Marketing Support: Dropal's potential to offer comprehensive marketing and ads tools gives it an edge, catering to users seeking an all-encompassing solution.

User Research

1. Ever heard about drop-shipping?

2. Have you tried a drop shipping or online business? Why? Why not?

3. Why did you quit?

4. What difficulties did you face?

5. If you know dropshipping, does it sound really complicated and difficult?

6. What do you think are the biggest challenges that dropshippers or online merchants face?
Complexity Perception: Some avoided dropshipping due to its perceived complexity.
Motivations: Users tried dropshipping for extra income or knowledge.
Challenges: These included advertising, supplier demands, and knowledge gaps, affecting persistence.
Dropshipping Complexity: Many found dropshipping complex, highlighting a need for user-friendly solutions.
Marketing Struggles: Effective marketing and customer targeting emerged as common struggles.
Key Challenges: Major challenges included supplier reliability, setup understanding, order management, product availability, and market differentiation.
Trust and Awareness: Trust issues with suppliers, quality concerns, and identifying profitable products were noted challenges.
Educational Gap: Lack of knowledge about setup, payment systems, and product selection underlines the need for accessible education.
Overall, the research underscores Dropal's potential to simplify dropshipping, address user concerns, and provide a supportive platform for success.
Main Features
A tool to connect the users to only the best and reliable suppliers
Product Research
A tool to help the user find the best product for their niche
Customer Service
A tool to help the user to handle the customer service the best
Stores Management
A platform that will help the user manage multiple stores
A tool to help the user market their store and social media to make sales
A tool to connect users and influencers
A tool to help the user to fulfill products and and order tracking
A tool to spy on the competitors and analyze why their store is selling
Information Architecture
At first, I created a basic structure for the information. As I continued working on it, I kept adding more details and improvements until I had a polished and well-organized design. It was very important to make it clear, and well thought, this way it make my work easier and faster.
Information architecture
These personas are more than just fictional characters; they represent real-world insights and aspirations. By understanding their stories, needs, and goals, I ensure that every feature and experience I create is tailored to enhance the dropshipping journey.
david cooper persona 1Sam Nguyen persona 2Benny Rokach persona 3
Experienced User Empathy Map
Experienced User Empathy Map
Unexperienced User Empathy Map
Unexperienced User Empathy Map
Experienced User Journey
Experienced User Journey
Unexperienced User Journey
Unexperienced User Journey
UI Design
UI Design Figma Screen shot
Main Dashboard
This is your main dashboard. Here, you can effortlessly monitor your stores and access valuable insights.

You can customize it and choose the layout and widget for yourself.

Every widget isn't just informative; it's interactive. It displays both the total data for all stores and specifics for each individual store.

Additionally, you can select a particular store to unlock more advanced features.

And as the cherry on top, there's an AI tool at your service, ready to assist with any queries you may have.
Main Dashboard
Store's Dashboard
Here, you can oversee your unique store's performance and receive insights for optimizing profitability.

An AI Suggestion tool stands ready to assist and guide you in scaling your business effectively.

Upon entering your specific store, you'll discover an expanded toolkit at your disposal.

And for a world of additional tools and possibilities, plugins can be integrated for even more tools and possibilities
Store's Dashboard
Hot Products
The Product Research Tool, designed to provide clear insights into potentially successful products.

Graphical data representation aids in understanding why a particular product has selling potential.

The tools on the side are real game-changers. Take the "Push to Store" feature, for instance.

With a simple click, the AI crafts a product page for you, instantly integrating the product into your store for seamless selling.
Hot Products
Store Integration
Here is where you integrate your store with Dropal.

For those unfamiliar with locating the shop API, a quick guide will represented by the question mark icon on click.

This step is prominently featured during onboarding and whenever the user decide to add a new store to the platform.
Store Integration
Platform Tour
I knew the platform would have many menus, so I added a helpful Tooltip flow guide right after users sign up.

This guide helps users get used to the platform without feeling confused by the new things they need to learn.
Platform Tour
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Brand Strategy
Enable entrepreneurs to build successful drop-shipping businesses by providing them with the tools, resources, and support they need to succeed.
Dropal positions itself as a comprehensive platform for drop-shipping, offering a range of tools and services to help entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.
To be financially free.
Provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to build successful dropshipping businesses.
To empower entrepreneurs and help them succeed in the world of drop-shipping.
Be financially free.
Brand Personality
Overall, Dropal's brand personality is a blend of friendliness, innovation, reliability, empowerment, fun, and professionalism, creating a brand that is both approachable and trustworthy in the dropshipping industry.
Logo Typeface
Velverde font
Global Typeface
Inter font
Slogan Typeface
Effra font
Design & Mockups
Dropal's PosterDropal's PosterDropal's PosterCards Mockups
Dropal's Mini Game
To make Dropal truly distinctive, fascinating, and attention-grabbing, I aimed to set it apart from the rest. As part of our brand awareness strategy, I've come up with an ingenious idea: a captivating mini-game that showcases some of the platform's features while offering an enjoyable and informative experience before diving into dropshipping.In this interactive game, players embark on an exciting parkour journey, leaping from screen to screen. By doing so, they not only have a blast but also gain valuable insights into the platform's capabilities. The game acts as a playful yet educational tool, empowering users with knowledge about Dropal's features.
Game MockupGame Mockup
My Takeaways
What a wild ride this project has been! It's been a journey filled with valuable lessons.

I've come to understand the true importance of research, the significance of being open to changes even when you're deep into a project, and above all, the crucial role of planning.

Managing time effectively was vital for tackling this complex UX challenge. From diving into the design system to crafting 3D elements, every aspect of this project demanded its share of attention.

At first, I was scared of making Dropal stand out and surpass the competition. However as I delved into exhaustive research and focused on what makes Dropal unique, my anxiety transformed into a competitive drive.

This project spanned nearly half a year, from ideation and design to branding. While I couldn't showcase every feature in this case study, there were literally hundreds of screens and designs that went into making Dropal what it is today.

This experience has been an enormous learning curve for me, and I appreciate you taking the time to read about it!
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